Letter from the President

Hello IDEO Members!

I am honored to serve as the new president of the Idaho Dance Education Organization. Rachel has left an admirable legacy for me to follow. I am grateful and eager for the opportunities I have to work and learn with each of you!

Idaho is a beautiful state, brimming with talent. Though we may be hours from each other, it is my goal to create an even more unified network between each of you, your respective schools and your students. During my presidency we will continue to advance ourselves as dancers, educators, creators, artists, and pioneers in our state. We will continue our mission of obtaining the state dance endorsement for K-12 public school teachers. To assist this process, we will explore various research methods to support our case to the Idaho Board of Education. We will reach out to the K-12 schools to increase the awareness of our mission by taking movement into the schools and by directly inviting them to attend our conference. As we look forward into the future of the IDEO, I aspire to merge the artistic and educational communities within Idaho even further.

Our annual conference is an excellent time to foster connections, ask questions, discover answers, and build our dance family in the state of Idaho. I invite you and your students to join us at the College of Southern Idaho on Saturday, September 15th for the conference. Our theme this year is, “Deepening Through Dialogue: Effective Methods for Feedback in Dance Education and Beyond.” Come with questions and ideas!

It is my hope that despite changes in the board we will persist in our cause and look forward with optimism into the future. As I say to my students, “We are right on the cusp of greatness, so there is no giving up now!”

See you when I see you (which is hopefully soon)!

Elizabeth K. McChesney